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The Moms In Mind Ring Sling Legacy

Why do we continue the Moms In Mind ring sling legacy?It is indeed a unique and valuable gift to all moms! The original baby ring sling has not changed much...except for the new design that can be folded into a pouch for keeping. Choose the original sling that has been genuinely designed as a ring sling carrier!  Get yours today at

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Moms In Mind Sarong Carriers

Moms in Mind Sarong Carriers have been made and sold in Singapore since developed in 1997. Moms in Mind has learned first hand what parents like and dislike about baby carriers.  Rings: Moms in Mind uses only heavy-duty fully molded nylon rings. Such rings are durable, can withstand weight, stress and  countless washings in the washing machine & dryer. The rings have been tested to endure pulling & stress tension way beyond 390kg to 570kg forces. Wooden or plastic craft rings, while usable, may not be 100% safe over the long-term. Padding: Traditional baby carriers are made  without padding and work very well. Keeping in line with such carriers, MIM slings have added just the right amount of lightweight padding around the edges to give that extra touch of comfort for both...

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