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Soil Mineral Depletion

Can a healthy diet be sufficient in today's world? Gone are the days in our so called advanced western society when healthy living meant simply getting the right nutrients from our foods. Nowadays our foods are jam packed with an array of harmful chemicals not to mention mainstream personal care products that we absorb through our skin many of which are carcinogenic. Nearly all of today's diseases stem from what we absorb, our bodies simply cannot deal with this overload of toxins exceeding the body's capacity to detoxify itself. A staggering 1 in 3 people are now falling to cancer. Experts predict that if we do not do anything to rectify this situation now, in the next 30 years cancer...

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Nutrition for Conception & Pregnancy

To encourage you in your endeavour for conception, a radiant pregnancy and a healthy baby, the following information will assist you in getting off to a good start and give you some tips if ‘mum-to-be’ is suffering from some common ailments. So how much thought have you put to this? Many of us have heard that in order to have a healthy pregnancy, a woman and indeed her partner, need to look at diet and other influencing factors even before conception. Pre-conception nutrition can be as important for baby’s well being, as what a woman eats during and even after her pregnancy. In fact, overall intake of foods, nutrients and toxins greatly influences the early development of the embryo –...

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Nutrition for Pregnant & Nursing Moms

So much to eat, so little time! With all the excitement, exhaustion and long lists of to-dos, many expectant and nursing moms wonder how they will ever manage to work in all the extra meals, calories and nutrients recommended by the experts. Giving preference to nutrition-packed power foods is one way to help reach your daily quota. Top 10 Power Foods The following foods belong at the top of any mom’s priority list because they contain nutrients especially important for pregnant and lactating women—and they also can deliver a powerful nutritional punch to everyone at your dinner table, so now is the time to start incorporating them into your family’s meals for life. Yogurt for calcium and probiotics. Calcium needs...

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