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Getting Labor Started CD

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Are you 38 weeks pregnant and just ready to meet your baby already?

Well, this CD can help get those labor contractions started!

Getting Labor Started CD provides calming visualization exercises that may help promote the onset of labor. Designed for use after 38* weeks, this CD will get you ready to relax your body and welcome your angel baby.
It will help:

  • Relax your body to enable the natural onset of labor
  • Prepare to welcome your baby
  • Develop confidence for an easier childbirth

We know, your belly is so big that it’s hard to walk, sleep, or even eat at this point. You’re almost there, but with still a couple weeks to go you’re feeling anxious and worried at the thought of going past 40 weeks. It’s okay, relax. This CD was specially created for pregnant women in your exact situation. The exercises will help you to be in control of your body and to help naturally start the contractions of labor.

The exercises in this CD are simple to do and require only a clear mind and the ability to focus on one thing: meeting your new baby! Think you can do that? We thought so!

For the pregnant mom-to-be in her 38th and beyond, this is a gift that is sure to be embraced. She might not even stick around to say “thanks” as she hurries off to begin listening to the CD. She’ll be excited to know that all her pain, waiting and discomfort may be over soon, very soon. And that it will be something that she can control by using her mind and body. It’s completely natural and something she can do all on her own.

*Any pregnant woman should consult their health care provider before using the exercises in this CD

Running Time: 12 minutes 44 seconds