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New Mama CD

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You’re thrilled that you made it through your pregnancy and now have your beautiful baby in your arms….but, you wonder just one thing, “When am I going to lose all this baby weight?”

Of course the weight will eventually come off, but who wants to wait a year for that to happen? Listening to this CD at your own pace will give you the tools you need to gently and naturally reach your optimum body weight. 

The New Mama Weight Loss CD isn’t about giving you an all-out aerobic workout – your body just went through the trauma of childbirth, it definitely isn’t ready for anything that strenuous! Instead, this CD slowly guides you through mental techniques to give you a new outlook on losing weight and the healthy habits you’ll need in order to have weight loss success!

You’ll also learn to appreciate the new mommy body you are blessed with (at least temporarily) until the weight comes off. There’s no need to feel depressed about your extra weight or body shape. This CD will help you to feel positive about yourself and know that you are a beautiful mother!

This CD will help you:

  • Learn to appreciate the body that nurtured your angel baby
  • Visualize weight loss and your pre-pregnancy body weight
  • Learn healthy postpartum weight loss habits

The New Mama Weight Loss CD makes a wonderful gift to any new mom who may be feeling a little down about her weight. She may have thought she would lose it right after the baby was born, only to realize that those extra pounds will be around for a bit longer. Give her some hope with this CD. Help her understand that she looks beautiful and that she can start doing some simple exercises and changing her dietary habit to get her body back to its pre-pregnancy weight.

Running Time: 13 minutes 30 seconds