Hypno-Lactation (2 x 1.5hrs sessions)

Hypno-Lactation (2 x 1.5hrs sessions)

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What is Hypno Lactation?

Hypno Lactation utilizes self-hypnosis techniques to enhance the lactation experience. By calming the conscious mind and engaging the subconscious, this approach helps release soothing hormones that alleviate stress and anxiety, thereby improving milk production and the let-down process.

Having observed the transformative impact of hypnobirthing on new parents, I am convinced of its efficacy. Parents move from fear and doubt to becoming a confident, united team eagerly anticipating the birth of their child. However, the postnatal period often brings its own challenges, such as exhaustion, unrealistic expectations, and the overwhelming pressures of new parenting, all while recovering from the birth. For many new mothers, this period can be even more challenging than the birth itself. This is where Hypno Lactation can be particularly beneficial.

If hypnobirthing was part of the birth process, Hypno Lactation serves as a natural extension. For others, it introduces the use of relaxation and hypnosis to quiet the active, thinking brain and tap into the powerful subconscious mind.

Session Details: I offer a comprehensive 3-hour session, which can be conducted antenatally or postnatally at your home or via Zoom. This session is divided into two 1.5-hour segments, designed to ensure a smooth start for you and your baby. We'll explore the dynamics of lactation, the crucial mind-body connection, and how to create a comforting "external womb" environment. The focus will also include breathing and relaxation techniques, addressing fears, and understanding the vital role hormones play in lactation.

Key topics include establishing a deep latch from the moment your baby is born, understanding feed frequency, managing middle-of-the-night feedings, and recognizing signs of potential challenges.

This approach not only aims to ease the physical aspects of lactation but also to enrich the emotional and bonding experience between you and your baby, making it a more joyful and less stressful journey.