Skin-to-Skin Wrap

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The wrap top to bring along to the hospital during labour or just simply wear the wrap when you go into active labour! 

This Skin-to-Skin Wrap has halter straps but allows you to adjust the width and height for baby. Just wrap and tie it around your body.

Just simply pull over the halter to put your baby in an upright (skin-to-skin) and pull back the halter over your neck. 

You can also pull down the halter over the shoulders if required.

Great for Kangaroo and skin to skin care in the hospital right after birth and at home!

Now you don't have to feel exposed when you have visitors! 

Usage during labour and birth ~ Skin-to-Skin wear for babies from birth up till 5kg.

*Important note: This product is structured for the purpose of skin-to-skin contact. It is not a baby carrier!

See the miracle of what Skin-to-Skin contact can do for you and your newborn!

Made of Cotton / Spandex ~ One size fits most.

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